Credit:  I received the pension documents from a cousin, .  I obtained the obituary from and it was first shared by a cousin, Judy Archer Brucker on    9 Dec 2018 after being contributed by Marie Sibenik and her grandmother.

James Kenney noted correctly that throughout this large group of scanned documents there are applications for Widow pension by a Missouri Chapman.  She was married to an Alfred Chapman but he wasn't ours.  Her applications were rejected. However, once you filter through those documents you'll find some documents that help clarify things.  Page 59 is key.  It clearly makes a connection between Alfred's wife Elizabeth Kenney and his children at that time which included Henry Harrison 'H.H.".  Henry was Granville Chapman's father.

On another note, I finished installing some genealogy software on the web and loaded up my GEDCOM file from  There are two different sites and I'm trying to decide which one I like better.  They are at:

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Full Pension File PDF

Key Page of PDF

Declaration for Pension at Age 81